Tribälism Bøys (Germany/Italy), born in Germany, live in Italy, founder of Made in Italy Music (Label & Management) creating music at his own pleasure!
Tribälism Bøys is an young artist with 15 years of experience on this field. More than a decade of experience in the big industry of music. An innovative musical project focused on live music, performace and quality... the quality needed. He works at festivals and festivals all over the world, for various famous remix artists, signing records and projects even with unknown names. In addition to the classic dj set, he performs in a live set flanked by a musician. Tribälism Bøys organizes live dj concerts and musical shows performed with exclusive tracks which are produced and mixed by himself with the help of his own. His music goes from deep house to techno music with electronic and tribal influences. Never expected, always attentive to the newest trends that are always in evolution but linked to the old school origins, playing with cd's, vinyl and the use of computers and keyboards...

Latest Release

Black & White
Fabiann | Tribalism Boys RMX

Bow Shock
Tribalism Boys RMX

No Panic

Into the Funkk




Emanuele Inglese RMX


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